Why ACE?

A corporate golf day provides the perfect way to strengthen and grow new and existing business relationships, or simply act as a thank you to your valued clients and staff.

Whether you are looking to entertain a small group of clients at a prestigious UK venue or organise a programme of events overseas, ACE Golf Events provide a bespoke golf event management service to suit all budgets.

Let us help with the event management of your day, our professional team bring a wealth of knowledge and expertise to make your event a real success.  Our emphasis is on allowing you to meet and host your guests whilst leaving all the essential background work to us.  Take a look why our clients choose ACE Golf Events to manage their events...


Self Managed v ACE Event Managed


                                   Self Managed    v    ACE


Extremely time consuming.
Even if you are a seasoned organiser there are hundreds of things to consider and arrange to guarantee the day goes smoothly.

Minimal time. Clients tell us what they want to achieve, what their budget is and how many people will be present. We then work out the best possible event for their requirements.


Varied with hidden costs.
You will not be eligible for volume discounts and if you make a mistake it can be costly.
Even the smallest of things soon add up.

Cost efficient.
We can save you money through volume discounts and advising you on the most cost effective ways to achieve your required results. 

How appropriate is the Venue

Remember sourcing the right venue is essential to create the correct atmosphere for your objectives.

Through experience and contacts we can recommend the most appropriate venue.


Less mistakes occur if you keep it simple.

We can arrange anything from a simple buffet to a full banquet.


What facilities are available?
Do you need to arrange transport to the venue? There are many things to consider about accommodation.

We only recommend accommodation that is appropriately equipped and located.

Brand Awareness

You will need to check that the venue allows branding and visit the venue before the event to ensure maximum Brand awareness.

We have already researched the ideal position for Brand awareness at your chosen venue.


You will need to research what entertainment is available at your chosen venue.

We can offer a varied selection of entertainment from celebrities to trick shot golf and clinics.

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